Privacy Policy

Shigeki Tanaka

TANAKA FOODS Co.,Ltd shall endeavor to protect privacy by taking following steps, while the company shall acknowledge the importance of personal information protection and shall abide by “ Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and related laws and ordinances.

With respect to acquiring personal information
1. when the company acquires personal information, the company shall notify the person in advance, in principle, of the Purpose of Utilization by legal and fair means.

With respect to the Purpose of Utilization pertaining to personal information
1.the company shall utilize the personal information in the ordinary course of business such as a report, communication, consultation, notice, guidance, statistical survey and analysis pertaining to the scope of business activities by Provision of Articles of Incorporation.
2.the company shall utilize the personal information for the purpose of recruitment activities such as recruiting employees, part time workers and casual staff as well as the employment management after hiring.

With respect to the management of  personal information
1.private information acquired by the company shall be maintained to be accurate and in its latest form.
2.Personal information shall be handled with appropriate management with safety measures
3.The business operator handling personal information shall not, except the cases in which the provision of personal data is based on laws and regulations, provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person.

With regard to disclosure request of private information
1. the company in principle shall agree to disclose the personal information in the possession of the company  in cases the person requests to do so.
2.In cases where mistakes of contents of information are pointed out upon disclosure of request, the company in principle shall agree to correct, make additions to, delete, terminate the use of or erase the contents of the information within the range of the scope necessary for the achievement of the Purpose of Utilization

Private Information Inquiries Desk
Following department shall be in charge of private information.
Department: Management department , TANAKA food,.ltd.
Address: 3-22, Higashi Kannon, Nishi Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 733-0032 Japan
1.Tel: +81 82 232 1331 ・ Fax: +81 82 231 7521