What is Furikake?

“Furikake,”is seasoned dried food that is used to sprinkle on traditional Japanese steamed rice.
It was originally developed as convenient, potable, preserved food rich in nutrients. In later years, it became popular in households throughout Japan, and has now become a must item to be eaten with rice.

It is now used as an ingredient for various kinds of dishes.
The main ingredients are; sesame, dried laver, bonito flakes, fish flour, wakame seaweed, perilla, plum, Japanese radish leaf, powdered green tea and dehydrated egg crumbs.
The recipe for Furikake is to wash, cut, season and dry the ingredients above. With a variety of combinations of these ingredients, variant types of Furikake are available. Furikake was originally sprinkled on rice.  Now, Furikake can be mixed with rice. There's a soft type of Furikake now available that you can enjoy both sprinkling on and mixing with rice.



egg crumbs


bonito flakes


dried laver