Company profile

TANAKA FOODS has devoted themselves to producing delicious Furikake for more than a century.

TANAKA FOODS developed “Ryoko No Tomo,” and launched it on the market at the beginning of the Taisho era. Since the establishment of the company to the present day, TANAKA FOODS has been producing safe and delicious Furikake for your culinary enjoyment.
Founded: 1901
Establishment of 
the company:
July, 1928
Capital: 10 million yen
President: Takayuki Tanaka
Factory:  2-3-34, yoshiyukihigashi , saijō ,Higashihiroshima City,739-0008
245-45,touge, Hatsukaichi City, 738-0202
Location of 
Head Office:
3-22, Higashikannon,Nishi Ward,Hiroshima City,733-0032
Business: Production and distribution of processed food
Annual turnover : 6 billion yen
Distribution area: Japan, East Asian countries
Main customers: major trading companies, wholesale companies and manufacturers throughout Japan
Main supplier of 
raw ingredients:
major trading companies, wholesale companies, and manufacturers throughout Japan