Company history

1901 Started producing miso, fermented soybean paste and Japanese pickles in bottles and cans and launched them in the marketplace.
Launched Furikake “Ryoko No Tomo, Accompany You On The Trip”
Incorporated the company into Hiroshima Japanese Pickle Production Company Limited

1951 Changed the name of the company to TANAKA FOODS Co.,Ltd
1963 Established offices throughout Japan
Kannon factory was awarded “The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare” for excellent factory sanitation in Japan.
1973 Headquarters building completed in Nishi Ward in Hiroshima City
1975 Launched the first small Furikake packets in Japan
1979 Established Higashi Hiroshima factory in Yoshiyuki industrial area in Higashi
Entered into licensing agreement with Sanrio Company, Ltd.
Launched character arts Furikake. 
KEROKEROKEROPPI and HELLO KITTY packages garnered explosive popularity. New character arts on packages were launched successively and successfully.
1995 New Hiroshima factory was built.
2004 New Hiroshima factory began full operation.
2008 Facsimile version of Furikake “Ryoko No Tomo, Accompany You On The Trip” and Furikake “Battleship Yamato” were launched.
“Ryoko No Tomo, Accompany You On The Trip” was designated as “The Hiroshima Brand”
2011 110 year anniversary since the company was started. Built additional Hiroshima factory.
2012 Higashi Hiroshima factory was awarded “Excellent Food hygiene facility from Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Prize” (October 26,2012)
2013 1st Local Food Industrial Contribution Prize (September 12,2013)